Hi! I'm Carlotta, a 25 years-old Visual Designer.

I'm focused on creating thought-provoking scenarios that blur the lines between reality and imagination. My design path has equipped me with a solid foundation, and I've expanded upon this by acquiring a wide range of skills and experiences. This multidisciplinary approach allows my work to transcend the ordinary, inspiring curiosity and sparking a sense of wonder.

With a Master's Degree in Communication Design, my journey has led me to a continuously evolving freelancing career in collaboration with Alcova, Studio Vedèt, and Sun Studio. I’ve had the privilege of work with esteemed clients such as Congusto, Richard Ginori, Crizal, Ais design, and Aisip. Each project has not only refined my skills but has also ignited an unwavering passion for crafting impactful visual solutions.

Picture of me | Carlotta Bacchini

I thrive on embracing new challenges, pushing boundaries, and welcoming new collaborations