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Web designer, motion design

Studio Vedèt Website 2023 Mobile | Carlotta Bacchini

© Studio Vedèt

Among the works carried out during my collaboration with Studio Vedet, I had the opportunity to re-brand and redesign the studio’s website. This allowed me and my collaborators to take the projects back in hand and rediscover them, presenting them in a modern, digital, and fun way. The goal was precisely to give space to them and the captivating images that characterize them. As part of this transformation, we curated a showreel that brings together the most significant and compelling projects undertaken within the studio. The website is characterized by a simple, clean design and many small interactions that you discover while using it, from letter shuffle to image shuffle to hover.

© Studio Vedèt

Studio Vedèt Website 2023 Detail | Carlotta Bacchini

© Studio Vedèt


The site opens with a video that collects Vedèt's best projects and reinterprets them in a modern and innovative key, exploiting the language of 3D and motion graphics.

Vedèt Posters 3D Animation | Carlotta Bacchini

© Studio Vedèt

Studio Vedèt Website 2023 | Carlotta Bacchini

© Studio Vedèt

Studio Vedèt Website 2023 Work Page | Carlotta Bacchini
Studio Vedèt Website 2023 Detail | Carlotta Bacchini

What is most distinctive about the new identity and the new site are the details: in this case, orange takes over, highlighting the contacts and turning the rest into black and white.

© Studio Vedèt

Nomad Animation for Studio Vedèt new website  | Carlotta Bacchini

© Studio Vedèt


Carlotta Bacchini,
Matteo Maggi,
Simone Restifo,
Asia Trianda

(developed by)

Andrea Guarinoni

(picture by)

Federico Floriani, Piercarlo Quecchia – DSL Studio

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